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Our Story

Cotonnier was founded in 2004 and opened its first store on the 3rd floor of Plaza Indonesia. We started as a small company, specializing in creating unique beddings and furnitures for babies and kids, all made by loving hands of Indonesian artisans.  We slowly started building our designs and characters up, along with nurturing the warm soul of Cotonnier.  Over the decade, Cotonnier has grown to become one of the leading brands of luxurious beddings and furnitures in Indonesia. We are widely known for our delicate patchwork embroideries and quilts, alongside our sturdy and stylish furnitures.

Our name “Cotonnier”, meaning “Cotton Plant” in the French language, represents the concept of comfort behind our products.  We strive to create products that are comfortable, safe, and stylish for children with a flair of modern country style.  Most of our products are made by hand, as we cherished the intricacy of traditional needle works.  Our designs are always friendly, intimate and genuine.  We are proud to hail ourselves as an Indonesian brand, as we produce our entire collection in Indonesia.

As we venture further into our journey, Cotonnier hopes to continue earning the trust of families in Indonesia as their ultimate source for nurseries and kids rooms, and expanding our product offerings in new shops across the country.

Cotonnier. Creating sweet dreams for children. One room at a time.